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helps companies, private and public with procuring products and services, assessing market needs, analysing and researching markets and consulting during important buying decisions. We use modern technology combined with consulting services in a bid to make procurement easier for both buyers and suppliers.


Delivering costs savings & efficiencies through effective procurement. CJ SWIFT SERVICES can help you design a purchasing strategy that meets your business needs.

The main objective

From cost of capital, production processes and inventory management – the chances are that most companies can achieve immediate savings in their bought-in goods and services. With the rationale to outsource non-core services increasingly compelling, many companies are finding that strategic, well-managed procurement is a significant and cost effective way of saving and efficiency. However, whilst the opportunities are significant, so are the risks, if it managed properly.

The challenge

To understand how effective your procurement is, you need to look at how it supports your overall company strategy. What are the top-most goals? Are they focused on bringing new products or services to the market, by rationalizing either staff or premises ,thereby increasing exports – or some other key priority? How can you support these objectives with more effective procurement?
There is no short, definitive list of considerations that ought to be included within your procurement strategy. Priorities change over time and strategies must be reviewed and revised to reflect changes in circumstance and focus. So what you choose to consider will be particular to you. You may need to review how you make procurement decisions and who is authorized to make those commitments; how to maximize value through the use of competitive tendering and
contracts; your processes for dealing with suppliers – or wider issues such as compliance, corporate & social responsibility, too.

Procurement Consultancy

In order to achieve your goals through more effective procurement, CJ SWIFT can help to design a purchasing strategy that meets your needs whilst remaining OJEU compliant.

The objective is for cost reduction. From the cost of capital, production processes and inventory management – we can facilitate you to achieve cheaper bought-in goods and services.

With the rationale to outsource non-core services increasingly compelling, many companies are finding that strategic, well-managed OJEU procurement is a significant cost saving tool good for their businesses. However, whilst the opportunities are significant, so are the risks.

Effective Public Sector, Government and OJEU procurement is a complex activity, which needs the devotion of expertise, time and resources to deliver value. Procurement should not just tick a ‘compliance’ box. Instead, it should be ready to fulfill a strategically important role in the business.

The solution

Whatever your priorities, CJ SWIFT can help you develop measurable targets that define success. Our expertise spans large scale procurement engagements, providing organisations in both the private and public sectors with the necessary business intelligence to apply knowledge-based decision making to the purchasing process.
We review, develop, design and implement procurement strategies for our clients. Our processes deliver real savings and will stand up to any level of challenges. So whether you have a procurement approach that needs reviewing and improving, or have nothing formalized to date, we can support you with best services tailored to your business.

The solution

CJ SWIFT can help you to get the most out of your procuring process. Our consultants have years of experience in all aspects of procurement including sourcing suppliers, managing processes. We will ensure that you define what you need, select the best potential solutions for better business gains.

We will take you through every step of the process, providing advice and consultation on all aspects.

Our clients benefit
from the following

Business intelligence

Resulting  in cost savings. The majority of our clients benefit from huge savings thereby maximising their profits

Risk reduction

Through the identification and evaluation of the needs of your business, we are able to develop an appropriate procurement strategy, giving the best service solutions.

Supplier selection

Suppliers are selected and evaluated based on capability, spend category, value and innovation.

Procurement Processes

we can help you develop a process built around agreements and focused on performance management and best value.
If you need help with a single process, such as an expenditure analysis or reviewing your operating structure …or if you need a complete overhaul of your current approach, every engagement is tailor-made to meet your exact requirements.


We have assisted both small and large companies that are setting up a procurement function for the first time. Also, we help experienced organisations looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their procurement processes. We have consistently achieved our aim of ensuring that our clients are able to increase the efficiency of their procurement and a better outcome for their businesses. Are you looking for help running a Public Sector, Government or OJEU procurement ?.
We are experts in the procurement processes such as evaluating the market; sourcing suppliers; drafting and managing SQ, PQQ and ITT processes and evaluating responses.Outsourcing services to specialist providers should result in a better quality of service and value for money. Clear objectives and well-defined requirements can ensure that your suppliers understand your needs and are able to meet them first time.


We follow fundamental values. We are professional in the work we do. We remain impartial in how we evaluate and treat suppliers. We take pride in being transparent in allowing our customers to audit the work we do for them.

How We Help
• Maximize value from suppliers while minimizing transactional costs and supplier risk
• Enable re-investment from savings and synergies, and innovation from supplier solutions
• Restore integrity and accuracy by cleansing and enriching data
• Rapidly develop and drive tactical and strategic initiatives to their conclusion
• Provide functional/category expertise with team of professionals
• Serve in an advisory capacity or augment staff to fill organizational voids


• Industry-specific solutions custom tailored to maximize benefits (e.g., retail, consumer products, life sciences, financial services, ecommerce, utilities)
• Significant global experience and international deployment capabilities
• Procurement and oversight, as well as tactical strategy development and execution

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